2010 Top Album Picks (Better late Than Never)

  • 10. Beach house-Teen Dream 
  • 9. Nada Surf - If I had HI-FI
  • 8. Josh Ritter-So Runs the World Away 
  • 7. Midlake- The courage of others 
  • 6. Shearwater- The Golden Archipelago 
  • 5.Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs- God willin’ & The Creek Don’t Rise
  • 4. Rocky Votolato- True Devotion 
  • 3.Azure Ray- Drawing Down the Moon  
  • 2. Spoon- Transference 
  • 1. Yeasayer-Odd Blood 

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I never cover songs… Well I should not say never but its extremely rare… This song has always moved me deeply. If you want to hear the better version look up Damien Jurado on Itunes (he wrote the song) Its called Ohio. Its played on an out of tune guitar and recorded on my iphone. Booya

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Sunny Day Real Estate- I would have to say top 3 fav bands of all time… ALL TIME! I get to see the original line up tonight… I feel like every indie should make it a point to write one song about how they are grateful to SDRE for opening doors for their music. This song is the first song I ever heard by the band… its called In Circles and I wait in anticipation to hear this song live tonight. If you dont like sunny day consider yourself Judged and Shunned

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Dolorean- I saw Dolorean about 4 years ago open up for Damien Jurado at Cafe Du Nord in SF. I couldnt find anyone to go to the show with me so I went alone I remember saying to myself I should show up late and not see the opening act because I didnt want to have to lurk around the club looking like a creeper until Damien played.  Well I showed up early on accident…  just in time to see the opening band play and Im so thankful I did. I had never heard a thing about Dolorean until that night. Man I was blow away… Great simple songs with awesome lyrics and a humble lead singer. I have been following Dolorean ever since that one night stand we had. I chose this song to post called “In Love With The Doubt” because I like the lyrics. I would recommend all of the records they have put out. I must issue a warning tho they are not much of an upbeat band they play mostly mellow subdued indie/country/folk the do have a few rockin songs tho.

Most of us go to our graves with our music still inside of us.

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Warning-Self promotion… This is an Ivory Owl song that did not make the record… I have not listened to it for months and after hearing it with fresh ears I really like the song… but it is pretty cool to have a sweet B side… The song is about the show pushing daisies both Erin and I are huge fans… This was recorded on my mac microphone so its not super pro but it gets the job done. Enjoy! Oh and the song is called Bees and Bakers

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Space is the Place

The Cosmic Drummer … The Imaginary Foundation art show featured in Los Angeles California.

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